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Batanas and Bitinadas

Rovinj has always been oriented towards the sea. The centuries-old tradition in fishing has been preserved to this day when the batana became the symbol of co-existence of the citizens of an old city and the coastal landscape. The batana mirrors the customs, traditions, the language, the habits, the mentality and the spiritual atmosphere of Rovinj and its citizens.
The tradition of making batanas is inseparable from the musical tradition of Rovinj that is represented by the bitinada, an authentic musical expression characteristic of Rovinj folk songs. According to the tradition, the bitinada was created by Rovinj fishermen who spent hours on their boats fishing or repairing the nets. Since their hands were engaged otherwise, they thought of a way to achieve top-quality orchestral performances using their own voices. This is the original way of background singing by imitating musical instruments for any song the vocalist wishes to perform. When a soloist, or soloists, perform as a duo, and intonates a selected song, the "bitinadùrs" (the definition of the singers of that group that consists of fifteen or more members) use all their skills in imitating the sounds of instruments of a hypothetical orchestra. The particular performance most often cannot be repeated again because it is based on improvisation.
Today, Rovinj’s bitinada and batana building are on the list of protected intangible heritage of Croatia maintained by the Croatian Ministry of Culture. In summer months, guests and residents have the opportunity to witness the art of batana building. In the evening, in the town center on a plateau outside the Batana House museum, a Rovinj boat-builder makes a batana to be launched in late summer. In addition, guests can take part several times a week within the Batana Procession with Lanterns and Dinner in Spaccio event. The procession starts with the tour of the eco-museum Batana House, it continues with a ride on batana boats around the old city core and ends with dinner and entertainment and the listening of bitinada in the traditional Rovinj's tavern – spacio Matika. The entire story about Rovinj's batana was awarded in 2007 with the Blue Flower award for the best tourist product on the Adriatic coast.


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